Passionate about technology, networks and telecommunications.

Proactive, possessing holistic thinking, and capable of resolving conflicts within established deadlines.

Experienced event producer with a proven track record in innovation and creating multisensory experiences.


Technical Support Engineer | 2021 – Present

Global support for Ad-Tech, developing internal tools to help and troubleshooting.

Technical Support Engineer | 2019 – 2021

Support for customers and employees on network equipment and  integrated IoT solutions, prepare technical documentation, manuals,  tasks and provide training for employees and customers.

Professional Electronics and Sound Technician | 2018 – 2019

Repair of professional audio and lighting equipment,  digital consoles and troubleshooting in areas such as networks, Wifi, UHF,  broadcast and acoustic projects.

Grupo Cols Eventos.

General manager | 2009 – 2017

Planning and supervision of employee activities, supervision of  production processes, increasing production efficiency and effectiveness,  innovation and financial and logistical management, solving incidents,  implementing strategies to improve products and services

C.V.G. Edelca.

Technical Support (Helpdesk) | 2014 – 2015

Migration to the Linux operating system, technical office support  (Helpdesk), development of an office application to manage  statistics on social needs in low-resource communities.

Networks and telecommunications LTE/IoT consulting.

Applications and software development.

Design and outdoor  advertising.

Development of 2D plans and 3D projects.

Business consulting.


Microsoft Windows
Linux 100%


Spanish 100%
Portuguese 100%
English 95%

Programming languages.

Python 80%
SQL - Bases de dados 80%
HTML e CSS 100%
Javascript 80%
Bash 80%

Big Data & Machine Learning



Django 80%
Docker 80%
Flask 60%
Git 90%
Agile methodology 80%
Bootstrap 100%
Jenkins 100%

Office software.

MS Office & LibreOffice apps 100%

Design - Video.

Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe Premiere - Sony Vegas 80%
Corel Draw - Illustrator 60%

2D - 3D

Autodesk Autocad 70%
Autodesk Maya 80%
Autodesk 3DsMax 50%


The Systems Engineer is a professional prepared for systems design, diagnosis, analysis, modeling, implementation, evaluation and control of new systems or improvements across the entire scope of an organization’s processes, in an optimized way, using appropriate means. and advanced methodologies, techniques, tools and technologies.


Source: http://ugmaingsistemas.blogspot.com/p/asobre-de.html

The Medium Electronics Technician will be able to work in small, medium and large industries as a human resource prepared to develop installation, maintenance and repair of basic electrical equipment and systems, carry out projects in their area applying Basic Electronics, Digital, Industrial and Control techniques in electronic technology industries and companies, meeting the safety and hygiene standards established for the sector.


  • Python and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning – 4linux São Paulo
  • Python Programming for SysAdmins – 4linux São Paulo
  • Python Fundamentals – 4linux São Paulo
  • English Conversational Graduation Course – Cebrac Manus
  • Recruitment and selection of human talent – Colegio de Advogados and Ovijes
  • Scriptwriting and film production course – Ministry of Culture
  • Basic / Intermediate PHP – Improve
  • Business training program – BOD & UCAB Guayana
  • Voice, oratory, diction and stage fear – Colegio Nacional de Periodistas
  • Introduction to industrial processes – CVG Venalum
  • Autocad 2000 Level II – Vasco and Venezolano Institute of technological training
  • Prevention of accidents and illnesses at work – FundaIndustria
  • Rotary Club National Competition – Venamcham and Fundação Mercantil
  • Audiovisual production and FX – Gerenglob, Cibess & VFX Venezuela
  • Event production – Fundación Festival Nuevas Bandas
  • Advanced 3D Animation – UNEG Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana
  • Recreational Tourism – Recreeduca Guayana
  • Autocad 2000 Level I – Vasco and Venezolano Institute of technological training
  • Simón Rodriguez “Misión Robinson” literacy plan – Volunteering


Last updated - Feb 2024

Goal for the next 5 years?

My professional goal by 2029 is to have Senior level tools and knowledge in the area of development and data science. Furthermore, being able to balance the challenges of work and personal life.

Greatest professional pride?

My greatest professional pride was leading developer teams, learning and developing leadership and innovation skills.

Weak points?

  • Taking responsibilities from other people to speed up processes and “Resolve” the situation.
  • Keep a balance between my personal life and work is a challenge.
  • Abandoning a project can sometimes affect me because I like to finish what I started.
  • I am dismayed when I depend on approvals from superiors and exceed deadlines due to the lack of feedback from the boss.
  • I could have more knowledge in the cloud and big data, but I haven’t had the opportunity to work in these areas yet.
  • Intolerance to lack of honesty.
  • Difficulty prioritizing activities when they are all urgent, digital tools have helped.

Strong points?

  • Permanent learner, always open to understanding and learning new things.
  • Honesty, fidelity and sincerity.
  • Excellent communication and patience to deal with opposing thoughts.
  • Commitment to deliver within deadlines.
  • Ability to speak and write in 3 languages.
  • Solve problems and present innovative solutions.
  • Resilient, always making constant internal changes to improve all aspects of my life.
  • Proactivity, I try to be one step ahead, without waiting for the next task assigned by superiors (Whenever possible).
  • Strange ability to work under pressure and remain calm in the face of situations, focusing time and energy on solving the problem and not on the anxiety of not being able to finish.

Why hire me?

I am passionate about learning, having new knowledge and skills are my mission in life, this makes me a person who whenever I have any difficulty solving problems, I will be dedicating the time necessary to seek, understand and put into practice all the knowledge acquired . All the skills and knowledge we obtain are our heritage.

Team work?

I like working in a team, it is usually possible to get a lot of different thoughts and new perspectives on problem solving. Other than that, I like to focus on time management, human talent and division of activities according to each phase of a project. Within a team there are different stories and each one has different ways of solving the same problem.

What is my story?

I was born in Puerto Ordaz – Venezuela, the son of a teacher and a middle-class businessman, I started working at the age of 14 and have always been a person eager to learn about all possible topics.

At the age of 14, my first job was at my father’s company, focused on maintaining residential and corporate carpets and sofas, with  logistical responsibility for the company, scheduling appointments and even carrying out the operation.

At the age of 18 I managed to graduate as an Electronics technician, having the possibility of working in different companies as a sound technician for vehicles, an electrician in industries and in parallel studying at college.

At the age of 4 and a half, I managed to finish the Systems Engineering course curriculum, starting to work professionally in different companies.

Soon after, I managed to work with the largest event production company in the south of Venezuela, a company where I started as a producer and ended up as general manager. By my own decision and due to the country’s socio-economic crisis, I emigrated to Brazil.

Brazil, the country where I currently reside. I started working as a bricklayer, laborer among other jobs, until I got a job at the largest sound company in the north of Brazil, after about 2 years of work I decided to live in São Paulo due to a proposal made by an IoT multinational, the company being where I currently work.


Francisco Cols

(+58) 414 897 96 22

Cristiano Barbosa

(+55) 92 8856 8860

Heriberto Rondón

(+56) 9 4114 9748